Case Studies

St John’s Hall, Grays, Essex

In 2015, the Rev’d Clive Russell from St John’s Church in Grays, Essex requested our assistance in tackling a significant acoustics problem with a recently completed Church Hall. Visually, the hall looked great, but the physical design had resulted in a reverberation time that would compete with a cathedral.

The extreme reverberation was caused by a combination of a plastered vaulted ceiling, shiny woodblock floor, parallel plastered walls and a concave feature wall at one end. Sound waves bounced relentlessly around the hall which made even conversation between two individuals extremely difficult. You can imagine the wall of sound created by a children’s playgroup!

Following an evaluation and site tests, an acoustic treatment design was agreed that involved mounting a significant number of Primacoustic absorbent panels. The majority were fitted to the vaulted and low level ceilings. Some of the parallel walls were also treated to minimise flutter echo. ┬áThe end result was a transformational. Use the links below to hear how the venue sounded ‘before’ and ‘after’



St John’s Hall: Pre-Treatment Impact Test

St John’s Hall: Post-Treatment Impact Test