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Hard of Hearing

The Sound Analysts team have extensive experience in specifying systems for the hard of hearing. We’ve installed a huge diversity of systems ranging from straightforward perimeter loops to multiple arrays with cancellation zones in multi-screen cinemas – and just about every permutation in between!

There’s a legal and moral obligation for all venues to provide facilities for those with hearing difficulties. On average 50% of venues we assess, ranging from churches to concert venues, have loop systems that either don’t work at all or are significantly under performing. A properly working hard of hearing system transforms the listening experience for those with hearing difficulties. Here are the legal requirements:

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) specifies that facilities for those with hearing difficulties must be compliant and fit for purpose. The code of practice for loop systems is set out in BS7594-2011 and the performance application EN60118-4 2006. Whilst the concept of a loop system is fairly straightforward, correct application can be anything but. Incorrectly fitted systems can interact with PA and video equipment, electric guitars and backline amplification are very susceptible to interference.

Many older churches with stone floors can be challenging when it comes to loop system integration. Equally, buildings with significant structural metalwork in the same plane as a loop require specialist design to ensure an adequate and even field strength throughout.


Case Studies

An Induction Loop design allowing traditional and contemporary production approaches to work alongside each other in an iconic London venue

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